Woodworking As A Career

When I was a kid, my big brother used to let me hang out with him when he was working on projects for shop class. He had a natural talent for building, and I loved watching him work. Hed give me a couple of blocks of wood, a small hammer, and some nails, and Id have so much fun trying to create something out of them. Sometimes I succeeded, most times I did not, but I really just enjoyed hanging out with my brother and seeing all of the wonderful things he was creating.

When I got a bit older and started junior high and then high school, I often lamented the fact that, at that time, girls were not allowed to take shop class we had to take home economics, which involved sewing and cooking and all of the chores we would have to do when we were married with kids. Yuck! I wanted to make things, useful things shelves and wardrobes and dressers like my brother did. But I wasnt allowed to.

That was many years ago, and Im grateful to know these opportunities are much more available to girls these days than they were back then. Im remembering this childhood woodworking interest and would love to try again this time with bigger tools and much bigger building blocks. I have always deeply respected anyone who could build something with their own hands especially something as vital and significant as a house!

In this article, Omer Charest says if you are interested in taking up woodworking as a career, there are so many different avenues you could take. The most important thing, though, is to get some experience first. Take an entry-level job at a construction site, for example, so you can start to see how it all works. This way, youll get to know what youre interested in, and what you are not, so after a while youll be able to choose what field youd most prefer to specialize in.

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