Wooden Illusion

Optical illusions are incredible; not only are they fantastic works of art in their own right, they can also literally trick our brains so that what you think you see is never what you really get. From such well known examples as the "impossible" upside-down staircases in MC Escher's famous painting, we can learn an important lesson of how relative our world is, and that by changing our angle of perception everything changes. With our minds giving meaning to what we perceive it is little wonder that two people rarely see the same thing the same way.

It is also a fact that people love to be tricked, at least when it comes to illusions and magic. As a kid I always loved to pick a card and then have my little brother make it disappear as I watched in awe. In the past, people truly believed in magic, and even now it is difficult to fully explain the world around us with science alone. One of the easiest illusions to master is the optical illusion. Rather than using sleight of hand to make an object disappear or reappear the illusionist simply creates an optical illusion and from the audience's perspective he makes the impossible real.

For anyone who ever wanted to be a magician growing up, whether it be Houdini or David Copperfield, there is true magic in being able to alter reality for other people and bring smiles to their faces while they try to puzzle out how you pulled off your illusion. The real magic might just be bringing people together and spreading joy among others. Now it is your turn! Not only can you learn how to create an incredible illusion, you can also improve your carpentry skills as you build it from blocks of wood.

Please click the link below to the Instructables website for instructions on how to create your very own wooden illusion.

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