Wooden Coin Sorting Machine (Runs On Gravity)

How about the very cool DIY Wooden Coin Sorting Machine. Sorting your coins by hand can be a long, meticulous, not to mention boring task! So why not let gravity help you? Ascas, from Metro Manila, Philippines, has invented this brilliant little coin sorter that will save you tons of time. Made from wood and a few other simple items you can find around your home, itís so easy to put together youíll wish youíd found this design a long time ago!

Ascas was inspired to make a coin sorter because he was always bringing pocketfuls of coins home. Lucky guy! He would spend hours sorting the coins into his three piggy banks and thought there must be an easier way. Thatís when he thought of creating his own device that could sort the coins for him using gravity. It would be very simple to make and would not need batteries! When he started researching, he discovered this concept has been around for a very long time, but he has modified is slightly for his own use.

Once deposited into the device, the coins are automatically sorted according to their size. There are only three compartments to this particular sorter because Ascas made it for the Philippine coins he is collecting. However, it can work just as well for American or Canadian Quarters, dimes, and nickels.

Before you start, itís a good idea to gather together all of the materials youíll need for this project. For tools, youíll need a jigsaw, drill, right angle ruler, metal ruler, electric sander, some goggles to protect your eyes, and a gas mask so you wonít breathe in the glue fumes. For materials, please make sure you have: wood, bendy straws, 3.5mm screws, foam board, and super glue.

For full details and a great little demo video on how to make your own wooden coin sorting machine, please visit the Instructables website below!

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