Wood Storage Workbench (How To and Free Plans)

Are you a woodworker and need a place to store all your wood and tools? If you want to build a wood storage work bench, here's a how to and free plans! This is something that would come in very handy if you need to make room in your wood shop, and just don't want materials and tools laying around. Nothing is worse than a messy workspace when you are trying to get things done. It is so much easier to find everything once it has a place to go. The wood will be in perfect condition, ready to be used for your next project!

The instructions for this workbench look pretty simple and straight foreword, but he does stop after making the shelf, and I am not sure when he will be posting the rest of the instructions. Even though they are not there, you can catch a glimpse at how they were made and the finished product so that you can see what went int o making it. All of the supplies you need are listed there, on the website, and it doesn't seem like too many are needed to get you started, besides the wood and the tools.

This would make for a great weekend project, to help you get organized, which will be great for everyone in the family. When everything is organized, it makes life that much easier! The step by step instructions seem fairly easy to follow, and he goes through each one with a photo to show, for those more visual learners out there! There is even a sheet that you can view to see exactly how to cut all of the wood into the right pieces to make up the shelf.

The wood bench is a great idea, he has added so many other ways to store things on it too. There are hole and peg panels where drills, sanders and face masks and ear phones can be hung. And the peg in hole panels make it easy to just move something around if need be. That way everything you need is all in the same spot, and it makes it so much easier to just grab whatever it is you need at the moment and use it. Getting the wood out of the way by using this piece is such a great idea! Head over to 'The Sawdust Maker' by clicking the link in the description below!

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