Wood Art Project

Woodworking is an art of bringing together the environment, human skills and special tools to create a long-lasting masterpiece. It is important to have some basic skills and knowledge to begin with woodworking. Regardless of what your skills have in woodworking, you will always begin with a great piece of wood. Then, think about specific details on how you want your masterpiece to look like, its size and design.

First something that can be important is that you need to know the wood grades before starting your project. According to the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA), there are several types of wood grades and they are:

First: hardly any visible defects.

Second: rare defects.

The first and the second woods are usually grouped together and they are commonly used for building furniture.

Selects: some defects but not so bad. Most people avoid this grade of wood because it adds more work during the process.

Four grades: this grade of wood has too many defects and it is not recommended for furniture.

However, it is okay to use defective wood that has loops, splitting, flaws, and checks because it only affects some area of the wood which can still be fixed or cut. Also, some people love the character of these kinds of 'flaws'. As much as possible do not get wood that is bended or twisted because it will take much of your time to flatten or straighten it. To get to know more about wood cuts, here is what you need to know:

Plain-sawn: this is the most common wood of all. They have growth rings and are 30 degrees against the face of the board.

Rift-sawn: this board has growth rings up to 30 to 60 degrees. This is more expensive than the plain-sawn and steadier as well.

Quarter-sawn: this board has less than 60 degrees growth rings and it is also steadier and more expensive than the previous two boards.

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