Wine Box Into Rustic Wood Box

Do you love authentic, vintage, rustic decor? You can make your very own decor by learning how to turn a wine box into rustic wood box. It is really quite simple and the result is beautiful! Using a special potion for the unique brown finish, you will then apply it to the wood. Next you are shown how to burn, clear and finish the wood, leaving you with a lovely accent piece for your home. Add a vintage or antique handle and you now have yourself a funky, rustic case or storage box. Protected and waterproofed with beeswax you will enjoy it for years to come.

Beeswax has been used since the beginning of civilization. It has been found in ancient places and artifacts including pharaoh's tombs, sunken Viking ships and ancient Roman ruins! This stuff lasts for ever! It never goes bad and will not mold. It is the duct tape of old with virtually thousands of uses, it indispensable. I am now wondering why I don't keep some on hand in my home! Over time beeswax gives off a fine light powdery substance called bloom, that can easily be fixed with a blow dryer or by simply buffing the surface with a soft cloth. Beeswax is solid at room temperature and comes to a putty-like consistency at 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. To achieve this putty-like consistency you only need to place it in a bowl of hot tap water for few minutes. Beeswax has to be heated to 145 to 147 degrees Fahrenheit to cause it to melt. Because beeswax burns easily it is important to heat it slowly and gently. This is best achieved by melting it in a double broiler. That is a pot in another pot of water. Once beeswax burns it obtains a brown color and looses it's aroma. One pound of solid beeswax makes one pint of melted beeswax. Perhaps an easier way to remember it is, one ounce weight of solid beeswax gives you one fluid ounce of melted beeswax. Use beeswax to polish wood, lubricate screws and nails so they go in easier, or apply it to sticky windows and drawers. Beeswax can be used for making soaps, candles, cosmetics, lip balm, as well as being a water proofing protector for leather and wood. Making it the perfect finish for your rustic wood box.

You can learn how to turn your wine box into a rustic wood box on 'Instructables'. 'Instructables' is a great place to share what you make, explore technology, workshop projects, recipes, outside projects and more. With featured groups, regular contests, gardening, bike and robots projects, the DIYer in you will find something fun and creative to learn and explore, like turning a wine box into a rustic wood box!

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