White Horse in a Field Glow

White horses are those that carry one of the dominant genes and they are actually “gray” instead of “true white” horses. These type of horses are born and stay white throughout their lifespan. These “white” horses have non-pigmented skin and a white coat. They have dark eye color and only a few have blue eye color.

The gray horses are close to what we called the “white” horse. But if you notice carefully the gray horse, although its hair is white, they have black skin, dark eyes and un-pigmented skin. This type of gene will not affect their overall skin and eye color. As the gray horse age, their hair will become whiter. So, the next time you see a white horse, you might want to double check its skin and eye color.

On the other hand, the albino gene in horses can be quite dangerous although they are beautiful to look at. They are actually horses that do not fully developed inside the utero. White horses are very rare and they can pass down their white genes to their offspring if there is two parents with the same genes, however the chances of surviving is very thin.

If you have seen many “white” horses featured on movies and TVs, they were actually the “gray” horses because they are easier to find. However, movies such as Lone Ranger and Hop-along Cassidy have casted real white horses, which is very rare. Meanwhile, there is also a real white horse called Yukichan, it is a Japanese thoroughbred racehorse and it has won the Kanto Oaks in Kawasaki Racecourse.

'White horse' enthusiasts have their own history, culture and mythology. For example in the Achaemenid court of Xerxes the Great (489-465BC), Herodotus believed that white horses were regard as sacred animals. Also for Christianity, Hinduism and Islam, white horse are believed to carry patron saints in the end times.

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