White Bones Painted on Black Horse For Halloween

Have you ever seen a live horse skeleton? Now you can, with these White Bones Painted on Black Horse For Halloween. Artist Sandy Cramer, painted the skeletal system on her horse for Halloween. It seems like even her son love skeletons, as you can see him sitting on the skeleton horse posing for a photo and Sandy is also dressed as a skeleton herself. Such a great Halloween costume! Sandy took 5 hours to paint the horse, not an easy feat I would have to guess. Animals don't really stay constantly still for very long at all. She and the horse must have had a lot of patience to do this. The time and effort was worth it though, because it looks nothing short of amazing!

She got each and every bone perfect, from the bones of the legs, to the vertebrae, to the ribs and the skull. Every bone was carefully painted onto the jet black horse. The neat thing is that because the horse is black, the skeleton shows up really well, and looks like something you would see in a Halloween movie. I bet kids who were lucky enough to see the horse were so excited to see it all painted up like that! It is a mixture of freaky looking and amazingly cool! The perfect balance of the two actually!

This would be a great way to learn all of the bones of a horse, if a person was studying to be a vet perhaps. When I was training for massage therapy, we had to learn all of the bones and muscles in the human body, which was quite the feat. It would have helped so much to be able to paint them on a body like this! Lots of people who are visual learners would appreciate to see it like this so that it was easier to tell where all of the bones and muscles actually are. There are artists who have painted them on people before as I have seen. It also looks very cool!

The internal structure of our bodies and animals bodies are like works of art. Everything has it's place and function, everything is pretty much symmetrical, and no one makes it that way, it just grows naturally that way. Such a beautiful thing! I wonder if Sandy does this every year, or if she has painted her horse in different ways before too! It would be cool to paint all of the muscles too! Head on over to 'Inspire Fusion' to have a look at this awesome skeleton horse, by clicking the link in the description below.

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