We've Been Splitting Wood All Wrong

Just when you thought you knew everything you had to know about chopping wood, the Finns have devised a quick, new way to go about making firewood. In this impressive video uploaded in October of 2008, a man (we're guessing Finnish), in full lumberjack regalia (or whatever it is lumberjack men wear), is seen cutting an entire block of wood into smaller, stackable pieces in as little as 20 seconds! How did he do it?

If you've never axed a block of wood into 20 narrow, logs within approximately 20 seconds before, consider your wood chopping license revoked. The impressive Finnish woodcutter in the video may be seen swinging his axe against the block of wood several times, but instead of cutting the wood into half blocks and cutting them again into smaller pieces, our innovative lumberjack simply hacked away while circling the trunk.

Is the mystery lumberjack a magician in overalls? Is speed-woodcutting a Finnish sport? Is woodcutting a whole, different thing in Finland?

Upon closer inspection, the man in question may be seen using a very peculiar type of ax. Unlike the regular woodcutting instrument, the man in the video is going about his woodcutting work with a Vipukirve Leveraxe, a Finnish-made ax designed with a very special blade. Part-lever, part-blade, the amazing ax in the video can apparently cut woodcutting time in half. The Leveraxe is said to come with several other advantages, as well; being a woodcutting boss is definitely one of them.

And, that's what you call Finnish efficiency!

Whether your still cut wood for your fireplace, or not, one can't help but be extremely amazed by the Finnish woodcutter's speed, strength, and technique at chopping this large chunk of wood. With an ax and attire like that, the Finns will surely survive an imminent zombie apocalypse!

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