Using a Pair of Tongs, Get Ready to Say Goodbye to All That Dusty and Mucky Blinds!

Get ready to say goodbye to dusty dirty blinds with this hack from Hometalk. Cleaning blinds can be a time consuming chore, especially if you haven't cleaned them for a while. Usually it's best to clean your blinds once every two weeks or at least monthly just to keep them dust free, but sometimes you just don't have time for that. This tip is great for those times when your blinds have just gotten too dusty, or it could also be used for bi weekly blind cleaning just as an easier way to get the job done. When you clean blinds, it's usually done by taking a cloth or rag dipped in some hot water and rung out until it's just damp. It's best done when the blinds are closed with the slats pointing down. Then, you can just take the cloth and wipe each slat in a back and forth motion. Depending on how dusty they are, you may have to go over them a couple of times, rinsing the cloth out in between. Some people even take their blinds off of the wall, and make a bath of water and vinegar in their bath tub to submerge the blinds into. This really helps to break down any grease or layers of dust that have been left on them for a really long time.

This is one of those simple life hacks that will leave your blinds looking cleaner than ever and it's super easy to do too. All you need is a pair of kitchen tongs, a microfibre cloth, and some rubber bands. You just take your cloth and cut it into four squares. Take two of the squares and put them onto your tongs folding them over the claws of the tongs and then holding them in place with a rubber band. Then all you need to do is take the tongs in your hand and position the blinds so that the slats are open, and swipe the cloth part of the tong along each slat on the blind. You can go over them multiple times if you need to and change clothes if need be. Isn't this a neat way to clean your blinds? It might actually make it for fun for you too. This would be easy enough to to once a week or at least twice a week so your blinds don't get too dusty. This method would probably work best on the thicker style of wooden or plastic blind but would probably also work on the smaller metal blinds as well. Test it out on your blinds and see how it works on them.

Hometalk has a ton of great cleaning tips and simple life hacks like this to make our lives easier, so if you're looking to learn new ways to clean your home, this is a great site to check out. You can learn eco friendly cleaning tips that don't involve using chemical cleaners to clean your space. This is becoming more important to people as we become more aware of the effect harmful chemicals can have on our environment and our own health. If you're ever unsure about the levels of toxic ingredients in any cleaning product, you can always check out the Environmental Working Group's website for information pertaining to the ingredients in products. They rate each product with a letter grade that shows you how toxic it can be, and lists the harmful chemicals of concern in their write up about it. There's also an app you can download. But why buy chemicals when you can make your own natural home cleaners for pennies a bottle? Check out Hometalk for more great home cleaning information.***

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