Two-Headed Hammer

Have you ever seen anything like this double headed hammer in your life? It is not something new that you can go out and buy at your local hard ware store to hammer double the nails in half the time, so don't get too excited! This double headed hammer actually seems to have been an art piece, a contemporary sculpture of a double headed hammer made by Jesse Reed. The dimensions are 14 1/2"h x 5 1/2"w x 4 3/4"d and it was made from iron and wood. The artist has since sold the piece, but I wonder what made him want to create such a piece. Maybe an homage to all of the construction workers, or maybe a spin off on the double edged sword ideology.

Even though, maybe sadly enough, you can't buy this to use for your next carpentry project, there are so many different types of hammer you can buy at a hardware store near you. You are probably used to seeing the more common claw hammer that you most likely own a couple of in your own home. These hammers are great for every day use and also for carpentry and wood working projects. Then there are some more technical hammers like the Cross and Straight Pein also known as the Warrington or Joiners Hammers, that are used for more speciality wood working purposes and normally the average Joe doesn't have one in his tool kit, unless he is really into woodworking, This one is used to gently tap the nail so you can hold it and not hammer your fingers while you're at it. There are even bigger hammers used for larger jobs like masonry like the club hammer or sledge hammer. Even nail guns can be used so you don't have to use a hammer at all!

Check out all the details and more photos of the double headed hammer by Jesse Reed at 'Anonymous Work' by following the link in the description below!

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