Toddler who lost eye in cancer battle gets special look-alike doll

Anything that can make a childhood illness a little bit easier is a welcome reprieve in any child's life. And for a brave little girl who battled cancer, a bunny doll received as an extra-special gift for her third birthday, is just the thing she needed. Thanks to a Jessica Sebastian, the owner of Sebastian Design. The creative stranger from Idaho was recently contacted by Danielle Munger, whose toddler daughter, Brynn, had lost an eye to cancer. The mother asked Sebastian if she would design a bunny doll with just one eye. Brynn had started to notice that she was different, and her mom had read articles about how finding a doll who matches how your child looks can be both helpful and therapeutic. Munger wanted her daughter to have a doll that looked like her and only has her right eye. Munger said they first noticed that Brynn's eyelid was drooping a couple of weeks after her first birthday. Doctors later discovered there was a tumor behind her left eye. Her cancer is rare, and the diagnosis took a while to come. The cancer Brynn had is called Undifferentiated Sarcoma.

Brynn's oncologist recommended having her left eye removed, along with everything else within her left orbit because the cancer tumor had touched everything. Young Brynn underwent several surgeries and then had to have six weeks of daily radiation to eradicate the cancer cells. Not an easy thing for a child. The day before Thanksgiving, Brynn's doctor performed another surgery to graft skin over her orbit to help make what is called a safe wound. Brynn has now been in remission for more than a year and celebrated another big milestone in her life on Tuesday, and that is her third birthday. For Brynn's third birthday, her mother wanted to give her a gift that was extra special just like she is, so she reached out to Sebastian about creating the bunny doll with one eye. Sebastian designed an adorable bunny that is cutely dressed in a gold skirt and shiny gold bow. The outpouring of love that the family has received in all forms was so amazing, the mother said. And now through this journey, the family has added Sebastian to their list of amazing, generous, and caring people in their lives. Being surrounded by so many people who care for the young girl is helpful in the healing process of what they just went through.

For designer Sebastian, the process has been tender and meaningful to her. The designer shared several photos on Facebook of the bunny doll along with an image of Brynn holding her new doll. Her favorite part of the photo is that Brynn is wearing a Wonder Woman nightgown, which perfectly represents both the strength and courage of this little superhero. Sebastian has said that the whole experience has been both amazing and humbling.

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