This Is a Great Way to Save Memories in a Unique Way as Home Decor! And the Cost? Just Pennies.

Thinking of neat gift ideas can be tricky, especially for adults. This is one of those fun diy projects that is also a great way to save memories and make them into unique home decor. They don't even cost that much to make, yet they look really cool. Since adults already seem to have everything they want and need, this can make buying presents pretty tough. As adults, if we want something, we go out and buy it, if we need something, we usually get it as we need it instead of waiting for birthdays and holidays to receive presents. The older we get, the less we enjoy getting material goods as presents and the more we enjoy getting thoughtful, heart felt presents. The best kind of presents to get are the ones that show you that the person was really thinking about you when they picked it out. As though they thought of you right when they saw the item, or they put a lot of thought into looking for diy ideas to create for you. If you have children it's especially nice to receive gifts like this from them that you can treasure for a lifetime.

If you love doing fun diy projects anyway, this gives you a chance to express your creativity while making things for the ones you love. There are so many wonderful and easy diy ideas out there to add to your list of projects to do too, especially on the internet. Crafting and home websites like Hometalk are full of these awesome diy projects to do. There are even YouTube channels and websites specifically geared toward diy ideas. The video diy projects are great because they're really easy to follow and get the desired results you're looking for. Then, there's also photo diy instructions like the ones you'll see on Hometalk. They take you through each step of the process with a picture for each step. That way, you can see what the item will look like at different stages of completion. For this particular project, all you'll need are some photos of your choosing, printed out with a laser jet printer onto normal paper, some clear plates and some Mod Podge with a paint brush. It's important to make sure you print out your photos with the laser printer over and ink jet printer because the ink jet printer image will bleed when you apply the Mod Podge to it and you don't want to ruin all of your nice photos. If you don't have a printer, you can take your photos that you want printed to a print shop and get them printed out for a fee.

The clear plates you will use can be found at a dollar store or even a thrift store. It might be fun to use different sizes and colours of clear glass plates to make it more unique. In the tutorial, she uses family photos, but if you wanted to try something different you could use any kinds of photos you like. Maybe photos of nature, or of their pets. It would also be really cool to make collages out of photos and magazine clippings to create a style all your own. Get creative and think about what they would like to hang up in their home. All you do is take the photo, cut it out to the size of the plate and then apply it with the Mod Podge. You'll see the exact instructions on Hometalk's website. The finished result looks pretty cute, and they would be nice to hang up on the walls using plate hangers. Enjoy this craft and many others on the Hometalk website.***

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