These 15 Unique Horses Have The Most Gorgeous Hair You Will Ever See

These incredibly gorgeous horse breeds have unique and incredibly beautiful hair that would put most hairstylists to shame! Not only are horses incredible majestic animals they are also beautiful and have gorgeous hair that in many breeds becomes their most defining feature. From long shaggy locks to perfectly maintained braids to cute bangs, these horses have all the coolest and newest hairstyles plus some very unique ones we haven't seen before. This is the perfect collection of beautiful horse hairstyles for any horse lover and even someone who just loves hair fashion. As a horse owner you may want to try these styles on your horse or look into some of these breeds that are such gorgeously stylized animals that can be used for both work and pleasure.

Growing up, I was lucky enough to take horse riding classes as part of my extracurriculars in school. I learned how to ride, groom, and maintain my horse and also immediately fell in love with the gorgeous hair and look of a horse that makes it so enchanting to ride and be around them. I learned to ride English saddle and stuck to mostly smaller horses and ponies, but always dreamed of one day owning a best in show fashion horse with gorgeous long locks that would make me the happiest kid alive. While that dream never did become realized, I continue to love horses and ride them as often as I can for leisure while watching horse shows on television.

I imagine it would take quite a lot of work to braid a horse's hair because they have so much of it, and it would also be difficult to keep it combed properly and groomed. That is why if you are interested in a unique looking horse for yourself you should consider how much time and energy you have to keep your horse well groomed to get the most out of their gorgeous look and locks. You should also consider what size horse you like, if you are shorter maybe go with a pony, and if you have the funds to house them and feed them as well. These decisions should be made prior to buying any horse to make sure you get the perfect one for you and can take care of it responsibly.

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