The Hardest Rock Climb In The World

What is your goal as a rock climber? “Climb the highest rock formation!” “Well, my dream as a rock climber is to be with one of the best rock climbers in the world. It would be a great experience!” “Guys, what about going to the most difficult route in world? Will that do?” Go for your biggest rock climbing dreams guys! I’m here to support! Don't ever think that those are impossible to achieve. Just like these two amazing ‘rockers’. They have conquered ‘your’ wildest dreams! Do you want to know what these rockers think? Let’s discover what’s in their heads, shall we? *winks*

Chris Sharma did it again! Hugs and kisses to you, bro! But take note people, he is not the only one in this rock climbing triumph. Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to meet the Czech climber… and my new crush *squeals*, Adam Ondra. *claps and flying kisses* Well, they just completed the most difficult rock climb in the world: La Dura Dura. It is located in Oliana in Spain. La

Dura Dura has the most difficult route. Just like some of you, Chris Sharma, the world’s best rock climber, has doubts in completing the climb to. He didn't believe that he can do it. “Originally, I didn't think La Dura Dura was for me. I did all the moves on it. But each move seemed so ridiculously hard that I couldn't ever imagine doing them consecutively. I never saw myself being able to climb it,” says Sharma, as quoted in Prana website. You see? Even the best in the world also has his doubts. And the BEST thing is he faced it. *winks* Adam Ondra, on the other hand, has been very thankful with the experience. Of course, completing La Dura Dura has become more fulfilling, especially when he climbed together with Sharma. As you will see in the video later, both of them are very comfortable with each other. When Ondra is asked in an interview by Planet Mountain about him and Sharma trying the difficult route, he says, “The two of us just went climbing together. It was a really positive experience, a really friendly atmosphere, we could both learn much from each other. You know, it's much more fun to try a hard route with someone else, isn't it!” All I can say is great job to you both! *twenty thumbs up*

Can’t wait to watch how Sharma and Ondra achieve the thing we thought is impossible? Click YouTube website below. Enjoy watching! *winks*

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