The Easiest Way to Hang Anything on Your Walls WITHOUT Using a Drill, How Cool Is That?

We all love finding out new ways to make our lives easier right? Well here's the easiest way to hang anything on your walls without using a drill, how cool is that? Whether you live in a rental or just don't want to put a bunch of holes in your walls, something like this would come in really handy when you have projects to do around the house. Or maybe your walls are brick or concrete making it harder to just nail or screw into. That's where this new product called Sugru comes in handy. This is a fairly new product that has come out on the market, following a similar idea as sticky tack. Only Sugru is much more durable and fixes to things better than sticky tack. In the video from Hometalk's YouTube page, you'll see all of the things that this stuff can do and how amazing it really is. It can practically hold anything. They show it holding up a bathroom towel holder, shoes, lights, and many other items. It forms and molds to any surface to securely bond itself to the wall and to the object. On the Sugru website, you can watch a longer video on the product where it's explained more in depth. It can also act as a glue to repair worn out electric chords, and it dries as rubber, so it will stay secure.

The nice thing about it is it's also waterproof, so you can fix your outdoor equipment like canoes or kayaks, skis or snowboards, as well as personal gear like boots, coats and waterproof pants. Something like this would come in really handy for camping or RVing, and could be used for a variety of tasks. Sugru is also cold and heat resistant so it's able to fill up cracks and replace parts on pot lids so you don't have to buy new items. Most other sticky tacks would just fall off with any condensation or moisture and could possibly even melt when exposed to high temperatures. It's also very easy to remove when you don't need it anymore. Just like sticky tack, you can remove the adhesive and it should come off easily with just a knife. Any left over residue can just be scraped right off and your wall will be ready to be used for anything else. This would come in handy for many real life hacks and the lists of projects to do around the house which would save you money in the long term too. No need to buy tape or nails, screws or hooks anymore. Which would also save you all of the space that all of these things take up.

There are plenty of real life hacks you can think of to use this product, and it would just be something handy to have around. If you're looking for other projects to do or hacks that make our lives easier, Hometalk has plenty of that for you on their website. They share a variety of home and garden diy ideas, as well as personal diys for clothing and accessories. Whether you're trying to save money or be environmentally conscious, incorporating diys into your life can save you money, while helping to recycle items that can be reused instead of ending up in the landfill. You also get the chance to express your creativity and to make something unique that no one else will have. Save all of your favourite diy ideas and come back to them later on when you have time to make them and try out the life hacks like this when you can too.***

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