The BEST Stain Remover for Oil Based Stains with No Effort!

It seems like there are so many stain removal products available these days, but it's hard to say which ones will work the best until you try them yourself. This post from Hometalk shows us the best stain remover for oil based stains, that will make getting stains out of carpet effortless. Since we only really do our carpet cleaning once a year, or maybe less, it's important to find great stain removal products for spot treating your carpet in an emergency. We're all human, and we all have accidents now and then which is natural, but sometimes those mistakes can end up leaving unsightly stains on the carpet. This is especially true if you have kids who are always getting into things. Much like the lady in the video on the Hometalk website, when you have a pigmented stain on a carpet you may think your carpet is ruined. So good thing there are carpet cleaning tips like this that help us in our time of need to remove those stains effortlessly once and for all.

Depending on the type of stain you have in your carpet, you may not even need a product like this around. But it's always nice to have something like this just incase. Sometimes minor carpet stains will comes out with just some simple shampoo and water with a brush. Just simply take a drop or two of shampoo and put it right onto the stain. Then, take some water and pour it on the stain too. Use the brush to work the shampoo into the stain with circular motions until you see it coming out. Then blot and rinse with a small amount of water, maybe using a misting bottle. You don't want to saturate your carpet too heavily with water because you could cause mold under your carpet. The stain removal products that remove harsher stains like lipstick or oil based paints have to be a little more heavy duty than shampoo. In this carpet cleaning tutorial they use a product called Fels Naptha. This is a fairly affordable product that you can find in stores or online, and it is apparently a total life saver when it comes to sudden surprising stains like these ones. The product comes from Purex, a company with a whole line of home cleaning products like laundry soap, bleach and fabric softeners. Fels Naptha is a classic bar of soap stain remover that has been on the market for over 100 years.

The old stain remover has ingredients that help remove even the toughest of stains which is why it's still a favourite for so many people. The ingredients in the soap include soap, water, talc, dipentine, sodium chloride, and pentasodium pentetate to name a few. You can find all of the ingredients on the Purex website along with other details about the product. All you need to remove the stains from your carpet, or any other item is to simply wet the spot with some water, then just rub the soap bar on the stain until the stain begins to lift. You just work the lather into the stain until the stain is removed and then rinse out all of the soap. It works so quickly too, in the video on the Hometalk website you'll see that the stain is removed with just two applications of the soap and the rug looks like new again. Try this great cleaning tip and many others from the Hometalk website and see how great they work. You can even make a profile and post your own home cleaning tips and tricks.***

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