Tableau Vivant Of Wild Horses

While browsing Stuck in Customs, this picture of Tableau Vivant Of Wild Horses - taken in Skagafjordur, Iceland, came up featuring wild Icelandic horses. The Icelandic horse has a pleasant character as thousands of years of breeding with no natural predators, have made the horse breed shed its natural "fight or flight" instinct and left it with a friendly and easy going disposition. Icelandic horses make the ideal family horses as they are easy to keep in semi wild conditions and live in pastures year round. The muscular horses often don't need horseshoes if they are ridden in dirt, sand or mud. This breed is agile and sure-footed and a strong horse can carry any viking. This horse can carry grown men (even heavy ones), at a speedy gait without tiring. Speaking of gaits, the Icelandic horse has FIVE gaits: the same as other horses walk, trot, and canter/gallop, but also a gait called tolt and some Icelandic horses also master the fifth gait, the thrilling "flying pace". During the tolt, a rider sits bounce free and can practically carry a glass of water while riding the horse. It is a four beat gait - smoother than the running walk or rack, and can reach speeds around 20 mph.

There are so many varying sizes, shapes and colors of horse breeds. The rare and majestic types range from small ponies like the Icelandic horse and Falabella's to large Clydesdales and Shires. Large horses were bred to pull heavy loads and are called draught horses. Exotic breeds like the golden horse from Turkmenistan called Akhal-Teke, to the prehistoric bloodlines of the Appaloosa spotted horses are endangered breeds, mostly royal breeding lines from colonial stock. Rare horse breeds are

protected as sadly there are approx. 400 left of the Newfoundland Ponies in the entire world.

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