Stay at Home Mom Cuts Potato in Half and Presses it Into a Lightbulb Socket?? SO Clever!

When it comes to natural cleaning tips you can never really have too many. This stay at home mom cuts a potato in half and presses it into a lightbulb socket, the reason why she does it is so clever. The lightbulb is an invention we can't live without and we have many of them throughout our homes. The average household has an average of 40 light bulb sockets in it. That's means a lot of light bulbs in the home. The type of light bulbs you use are also important too. Using the newer energy efficient light bulbs can save you energy, but they have been known to contain harmful chemicals so it's very important to make sure they don't break. Conventional light bulbs are still okay to use and some of them have even been upgraded so they don't use as much energy. Since we all use light bulbs, chances are you've experienced one breaking in your household before. They break for various reasons, either an accident that shatters the glass, or the light bulb getting too hot and you try to remove it from the socket. Whatever the cause of the broken light bulb, now the end of it is still stuck in the socket and can be very difficult to remove safely. There could be shards of glass sticking out all over the place that could cut your hands up or you could potentially electrocute yourself if you try and use another metal tool to remove the end of the lightbulb.

There is a safer way thanks to these simple life hacks from Hometalk's website. In this tutorial, you find out how to use a potato to remove the bottom of the light bulb out of the socket. Yes, a potato will come to your rescue in your time of need, you may have never guessed that a vegetable would come in so handy to help you with your household chores. It doesn't matter the type of potato you use, just be sure that it's large enough to cover the area of the light bulb socket. All you need to do is take the potato and cut it in half, then, just use one half of the potato for the rest of the tutorial. Before you do anything else, make sure that your electricity to the socket is turned off and you may even want to switch the breaker off just in case too. You can also wear some gloves and protective eye wear to make sure none of the glass pieces fall into your eyes. Take your potato half and insert it onto the end of the light bulb that's stuck in the socket and twist it with some force. The bulb will come out of the socket easily and effortlessly so you can replace your light bulb. The metal piece of the bulb is able to attach to the potato which is what makes it so easy to remove it. What a great idea, right?

Of all the diy ideas and simple life hacks this is such a great idea that not only uses something you probably already have, but it also saves you from doing something risky in attempts to remove a light bulb. Hometalk is a great website full of awesome cleaning tips and diy ideas that will make your life easier and sometimes more fun. Users that join the website are able to create a user profile and then post their own projects. So these simple life hacks are already things other people have tried out themselves and wanted to share with all of us. Enjoy having a look around the website.***

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