So What Really Happens if You Put an Egg in Coco Cola for 1 Year

If you are looking for some fun things for kids to do, or fun family ideas you should take a look at this viral video with over 11,200,000 views. You will be amazed at what happens when an ordinary egg is left in a bowl of Coca-Cola soda for one year. You read that right, one whole year. That's a lot of time for an egg, and some soda to sit covered in saran wrap. You will probably want to keep it in a place out of the way, so the dog doesn't get into it. You can either do this fun family idea and see the result after a year, or you can watch the entire video and see what you might expect. This is a fun family idea that the kids will love. You may not want to drink the popular beverage again, so be prewarned, especially if you love Coca Cola. You are sure to be surprised by the interesting results. Especially because Coca-Cola is a drink that is enjoyed all around the world, and billions of people drink the beverage every day. The following are just some of the other things you can use Coca Cola for besides drinking the popular beverage.

This isn't the only fun family idea that uses Coca-Cola as the base. This egg experiment is just one of the activities to do with the popular beverage that you are sure to see in a whole new light. Another of the fun family ideas you can do using Coca-Cola is to unleash the power of the carbonation of the soda pop. For this fun family idea, you will need a bottle of Coca Cola, some salt, and some balloons. You might also want to put on some old clothes, just saying. Then pour some of the salt into the balloons. Then tip the salt filled balloon into the bottle of the Coca-Cola, putting the balloon over the rim of the bottle. Once the salt enters the bottle of Coca-Cola, a bit of a reaction is going to happen so be prepared. The salt makes bubble in the soda happen very quickly, which will fill the balloon. The kids will be sure to love this easy experiment, it doesn't take a lot of ingredients and tools, and the best the thing is that you don't have to wait an entire year for the result.

Another of the things for kids to do is to take a classic trick to a whole new level. If you are familiar with the Coca-Cola and Mentos trick, you are going to love this new fun family idea, because it takes it to a whole new level. For this, you will need some Diet Coke, because it reacts with the texture of the Mentos. So for this fun family idea, you won't use just one Mento, but rather you will drop in seven with a Mento's shooter. So using a rolled up piece of paper, you will drop the Mentos into the rolled up shooter. Then using a card, you will block the top of the Diet Coke bottle, with the shooter filled with Mentos sitting on top of the card. Then wait for it, pull, and be prepared for the best reaction you have ever seen with such simple ingredients. If you didn't put some old clothes on for the last fun family idea, you probably should for this one. And make sure you do this outside.

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