She Starts Texting During A Driving Test. Can You Guess What Follows?

More accidents happen every year because of texting and driving. While drinking and driving accidents have been decreasing, the number of accidents that happen because of distracted driving are rising. In 2011 there were 3,331 fatalities caused by texting while driving. In 2013 the numbers showed that 424,000 people were injured in accidents where someone had been texting and driving. People are literally addicted to their phones and constantly being glued to a phone has become a new trend over the last decade. People know that it's dangerous to text and drive, but they still do it thinking that nothing will ever happen to them. It's so easy to have something go wrong when you're behind the wheel of a vehicle, especially when you're driving at high speeds on freeways or highways. There are three main problems when it comes to texting while driving. One is visual, which means you are visually supposed to be watching everything around you while you're driving. There's so much going on around you while you're driving that you need to be paying attention at all times or you could easily miss something. When you're texting, your vision is distracted, so you don't have as much attention to give to driving. If someone or something popped out in front of you, you may not notice and have enough time to react properly as you would have if you weren't visually distracted.

The other problem that comes with this texting trend is your hands are also distracted while you're typing out a text. You need both hands to be focused on driving the car at all times so you're ready for anything that may happen. Your mind is also split between to actions, texting, and driving, so you're cognitive function is totally unfocused. So basically, while you're texting, it's like you're driving blindfolded for however long it takes you to text. Even in that short period of time, something can happen. A person or an animal could come out onto the road. A car could come into your lane unexpectedly. You could opt for a voice recognition feature to write your texts, but you still have to look at the screen to send them. Sometimes the voice translation doesn't come out very well and looks like a bunch of gibberish so you may also be inclined to edit it, defeating the purpose. You can, however, set your phone up to automatically notify people that you're driving and will text them back later which could work well, and there are new apps that prevent your phone from receiving texts if you're going over 10 miles per hour.

This video on YouTube shows just how crazy distracted driving can be. RYDBELGIUM takes some drivers out to prove that they can text while driving saying that it's a new rule and test they have to pass in order to get their license. Most of the drivers immediately look worried, knowing full well that it won't be a good situation. You will see them swerving all over the road as they attempt to text and drive whatever the driving instructor dictates to them. It's a good thing they're just in a huge lot while practicing because as the driving instructor says, they could have seriously hurt people if the pylons were human beings. By the end of the video, all of the drivers agree that it's too dangerous to text and drive. This is one of the trending videos that could make a difference in getting people to stop texting and driving so, please share this video so we can stop the dangerous trend of distracted driving and save lives.***

Learn MORE at YouTube - RYDBELGIUM

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