She Smeared Mayo All Over Her Wood Countertop... Unbelievable, I Had to Try It Myself!

When you're trying to incorporate more natural house cleaners into your cleaning routine you probably aren't thinking about using leftover food items. But when you see why she smears mayo all over her wood countertop you'll want to try it out for yourself. It's incredible all of the real life hacks you can do with some of the food that's in your fridge or pantry. You may not be aware of it yet, but you can just use things you already have instead of buying new cleaning products and solutions. Store bought cleaners can be full of chemicals that are harmful to yourself and your family members including your pets, and they can be harmful to the environment as well. Plus, these cleaning agents tend to be expensive so why spend money on things that you can just find at home? Natural house cleaners are available at stores too of course, but these can be even more expensive than the conventional cleaners, so you might as well just make them yourself. These cleaning tips from The Krazy Coupon Lady will help you make use of some natural house cleaners you may not have even known about that are hiding right in your own kitchen.

Since food is something we already need, why not use it for another purpose? For example, the reason she pours mayo all over her wood counters is to polish the wood. For this cleaning tip, just take a small amount of mayonnaise on a cloth and rub it into the wood rubbing with the grain to really work it in. The mayonnaise works because of the oil in it. The oils help to moisturize the wood, which makes it look nicer and keeps it healthier longer. If you don't use mayonnaise in your household, you can also use some coconut oil or olive oil in the same way. Just take some out of the container and rub it into the wood with a cloth. Once you're done working the oil in, you can remove any access oil with a rag or just let it set in. This is also a great DIY furniture restoration tip for when you buy an old piece of wood furniture that looks like it's seen better days. You can quickly bring your wood piece of furniture back to life with some oil just by rubbing it in. It can really make a difference with old wood, enriching the colour and tone, it can make it look like you've applied a nice, rich stain.

There are so many more great real life hacks in this list, including more natural house cleaners and cleaning tips like how to clean windows with vinegar, how to keep odours from your fridge with just some simple coffee grounds and how to clean your bathtub and shower with a grapefruit and some table salt. If you have a really tough to clean vase or cup, just simply add some rice to the bottom before you add the water and soap and just shake it around to scrub it up. Make sure you don't throw your orange peels away after eating them, you can use them to shine up your sink faucets. You can also make natural house cleaners by soaking orange peels in a mixture of water and white vinegar. Be sure to save these cleaning tips so you always have access to them, so you can try them in your own home and see how well they work. The Krazy Coupon Lady not only features awesome clueing tips like these, they also feature amazing deals and coupons from stores all across the nation, so check them out.***

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