Repurpose Horseshoes and Wood Into a Rustic, Country Candle Holder

Who among you here thinks that horseshoes are only for horses? “I do!” “Aren't they?” “Horseshoe is used for horses. That’s it.” Ok, you are correct about that. A horseshoe is made and designed for horses, but take a good look first at the picture right there? “Yes.” And what do you see? “A chunk of wood and… and two horseshoes.” So what do you think now? *silence* “I think horseshoes play a great role in that candle holder, and that design is just brilliant. Bravo to the one who came up with that idea!” Yes to that, my friend! Do you want to know the person who put life to this wood and horseshoe? “That would be an honor.” Great! Let me take you to her. *winks*

Meet Adina. She is the woman behind the making of these horseshoes and wood into a rustic, country candle holder. Adina is from Florida who now resides in a small country town in South Carolina when she married her husband. She admits that she misses her Floridian home. Who wouldn’t? The beach and the sun are hard not to miss at all. However, she has come to love their property in Southern Carolina. “Our property is home to a variety of wildlife, from rabbits, squirrels, birds, wild turkeys, fox, and deer. I love the times when they decide to make an appearance or hang out for a while. They are some of the highlights of my country life,” says Adina. If I were Ms. Adina, I would certainly love the place too. *winks*

Adina and her husband live in a log cabin, and everything in it is made by them. “The cabin is decorated with vintage and antique items that are functional and decorative. I am always on the hunt for clever ideas for storage and multi-functioning furniture pieces. I love to scour flea markets, thrift stores, estate sales, auctions and yard sales to find these pieces. Almost everything in the cabin has been handmade, built or repurposed by us. I'm forever saying ‘oh we can make that ourselves.' Bringing forgotten pieces and salvaged wood to life has become a much-enjoyed hobby,” she writes in her blog. Now, you can think of this wood-and-horseshoe made candle holder. This is the perfect product of her hobby. Adina has used her awesome inventiveness to lay color again to things that are thought are useless. Well, she’s one of the people who makes me proud now. *smiles* Keep it up, Ms. Adina!

“Why did she start Simply Country Life blog?” Adina wants to share their projects, home, journey and lives with other people. She hopes to inspire and encourage others to make use of their creativity to be able to live simply and efficiently.

"She has inspired me! And right now, I want to feel that inspiring vibes by making this rustic country candle holder.” Awesome! Just click on Simply Country Living’s website below for instructions. Have a great time!

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