One Suprising Use for Cordwood to Give Your Home a Rustic Look

When I hear the words cord wood, I think of my firewood pile that keeps my house warm all winter long. However, cordwood can be used for interior and exterior design purposes! I have never thought of using my firewood for flooring. Cordwood flooring is a unique type of flooring that the average Do It Yourself'er can tackle.From walls, to counter tops to flooring, cordwood creates a warm cozy ambiance to your home. On the 'Cordwood Construction - Cordwood Log Cabin Building Blog', Sunny Pettis Lutz shows us how it is done.

Cordwood floors can be laid on top of a concrete slab that has been swept and mopped clean.Once you have prepped the slab, you are ready to head out into the bush to collect your flooring!

Start by obtaining a harvesting permit from your local Forest Service Station or Ranger Station. Using dead trees harvested either from your own property or from a State forest, after obtaining your permit, you can begin to create your fabulous and unique floor.

Using a chop saw you will cut all the pieces to a 1-inch thickness, sand both sides and begin to lay them out on your concrete slab. Next, you will glue them to the concrete. Work in small sections at a time. A 2-foot area is recommended. Once you have laid the pieces, you will seal the tops with a polyurethane to prevent the grout from sticking.

The grout is a handmade mix of 80% sand and 20% sawdust. After you have your floor grouted, you will seal the entire surface with 2-3 coats of polyurethane. Remember to work in small sections and to allow proper set and dry times.

This is brief summary of the process.For this project's detailed instructions and photos visit the link below. For this and other great DIY, cordwood projects be sure to check out 'The Cordwood Construction' website below.

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