Now We Can Dry Our Clothes in the Sun with Style! This Star Shaped Clothes Rack Takes Only $18 to Make

Making your own home items is a great way to save money and create something with your own two hands. Now you can dry your clothes in the sun with this star shaped clothes rack, and the best part is, it only costs $18 to make. If it weren't for diy ideas like this it would mean having to rig up something of our own design which might not look as good or work as well. So, it's great that websites like Hometalk provide people with an online forum to share their own diy ideas and tutorials. On the Hometalk website, you'll not only find diy wood projects like this one, you can also find home improvement ideas so you can tackle your home renovation projects yourself, as well as cleaning tips and tricks that promise to make your life so much easier. Before the age of the internet, people would usually just find out how to do things through friends and family members. Different diy ideas were passed down and shared through writing and through teaching them in person. Then, there were books filled with household tips and tricks and wood working projects that could be used by the normal householder. Later on, when magazines appeared on the scene, people began to publish diy ideas in home and garden magazines which initiated more interest in the do it yourself movement.

Now, we can find full websites like Hometalk, as well as hundreds if not thousands of videos on YouTube teaching us all sorts of diy projects and cleaning tips and tricks. You can go online and learn how to make just about anything yourself. So long as you have the tools and the time, you can make anything you put your mind to including this amazing start shaped clothing rack. Usually you find those simple foldable drying racks that you can set up in your home or outside on a sunny day. But these usually don't have a lot of space to put a bunch of clothes on them, and there may only be enough room for a few shirts and a couple pairs of pants or a skirt or two. This star shaped drying rack has so much space to hang clothes, which makes it perfect for families who always have lots of laundry to do. All you need for this project is some wooden dowels and some plywood. You could even try building this rack out of pallets if you found some nice clean ones. But since you're going to be drying your clean clothes on the wood, you probably want to get brand new wood.

You just take the wood and assemble it in a specific pattern that is explained on the Hometalk website as created by user A Piece of Rainbow. She takes you through all of the steps to create the beautiful star drying rack you see here. The wood slats get holes drilled into them so that the dowel pieces can fit perfectly into them and all connect together but still be able to move and expand and contract. The whole rack is about 4 - 5 feet tall when it's fully expanded and can fit a whole medium sized load of laundry on it. When it's compacted, it can store away efficiently, ready to be pulled out to use the next time. The other nice thing about it is, it's not too heavy either, so you won't feel like it's a hassle to set it up. Enjoy watching the video and checking out the tutorial of this awesome diy project. Be sure to check out more diy ideas and cleaning tips and tricks from Hometalk.***

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