Meet the World's Smartest Horse, He Is Just

What do you love most about horses? “What I love about horses is how smart they are.” You got that right, sweet pea! Horses are one of the smartest animals in the world, as listed in List 25 website. According to Josef in the same website, horses are teachable, have memories, and they can give quick responses to complicated commands under stress. Since we are getting horse brainy here, why don’t you let me introduce you to the world’s smartest horse? The smartest horse in the planet is going to kick you hard, guys! *winks* Come on and let’s ride on him!

Lukas is considered to be the smartest horse and one of the most intelligent animals around the world. As mentioned by Esther Marr in the website Blog Horse, his trainer, Karen Murdock, has willingly spent 37 years of her life with horses doing “dressage and barrel racing to jumping and trail riding.” Imagine 37 years with horses, lads. This woman – had me at 37 years. *winks* Anyway, you might be wondering how Murdock trains Lukas. Ladies and gents, Murdock only uses soft-spoken training techniques. But mind you, it turned Lukas to what he is regarded as now.*smiles*

The soft-spoken training begins when Murdock plans to join local events. Lukas undergoes into dressage competition training. By the way, this isn’t really the start. This is the training that pushed Murdock to discontinue the program. Ester Marr says, “The gelding suddenly became extremely resistant and displayed dangerous behavior.” This isn’t a good start for Lukas. *sighs* A chasm develops between her and Lukas. Because of this, Murdock decides to put her trick-training experience on the side just to create a bridge in between the gap. “I was hoping to use the games as a way to connect with him and establish a mutually enjoyable relationship,” Murdock says, as quoted by Marr. “We started with the ‘smile’ trick and I began to notice a definite shift in his attitude and behavior, so we just continued on and on,” she adds.

Want to know what Lukas can do now? You’ll be amaze! To continue Lukas’ story and more details about how he is trained, click Blog Horse website below. *winks*


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