Knock On Wood, Then Drive It! 28 Crazy Wooden Creations

Wood is the perfect construction material for furniture and art deco. Wood comes from the stems or roots of trees and other woody plants. People have used wood for centuries, specifically for building. Through the years, people have gotten more creative in their wood crafting and building. Here are a few of the bizarre things people have created using wood;

1. Wooden Vehicles = Cars, vans, tanks, and carriages, there's no stopping the creators. However, I can't help but wonder if these actually do run.

2. Wooden Vehicles that run on water = Come on! I was scratching my head by the thought of moving wooden vehicles on land, but on water, now I'm baffled!

3. Wooden Bicycles and Motorcycles = Same concept as the other moving vehicles. If you don't have the skills to fabricate using metals, then maybe you can try your hand out at carpentry.

4. Wooden Instruments = Wood guitars, drum sets, keyboards and even amplifiers. I doubt these would actually sound good.

5. Wooden Clothes = Well, I doubt any of these would be comfortable. Imagine having to sit down while wearing wooden pants. No way! Not happening.

6. Wooden Weapons = I can only think of the ingenuity if these wooden guns do actually work.

These are just some of the weird things people actually spent their time and skills on building. The list is actually longer. These works of art would be great if placed in a museum or displayed so that other people can admire and and marvel at the talent of the creators. But having them actually work, is a bad idea in theory. However strange and bizarre the idea of these wooden creations are, it still is a fun read and quite amusing to imagine being able to see such things.

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