Interesting Wooden Wall Art

Needing some wall art inspiration? Here is some Interesting wooden wall art brought to you by Rely Me. They don't really specify the artists who have created these pieces, but never the less, there are some interesting and unique wood working pieces in this article. Most of them would probably be able to be DIY projects that you could just do with some inspiration from these pieces for your own home.

When you want to create a feature wall, you can do a lot of different things like paint, or put up wallpaper, even wall stickers are in style now. Or of course hang some paintings or photos. But if you want something a little or a lot different, you can use some of these pieces as ideas. I love the framed pieces of reclaimed wood painted and stained all different colours like pink, blue, green, yellow, red and brown and then framed with a piece of wood on the outside for a finishing touch. Even something as simple and stylish as the retro looking wooden pinwheel of multi coloured natural wood. It looks really hip and funky and very minimalist and not to girly. I have seen ideas like this on Pintrest, except the people who made them used paint stir sticks fastened together and just put a stain of their choice on the wooden sticks. It looked like a fairly easy project and looked really nice as a finished product. I really love the colourful rainbow circles on the logs too! That could be really fun to try out and make and would be such a fun addition to any room for a splash of colour!

Choose which ones are your favourites and save the photos for future inspiration! Head over to ‘Rely Me ‘ by following the link in the description below for more!

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