Incredible Table Tricks The Eye

In this day and age, it's difficult to come up with completely new and fresh creative ideas that have yet to be done. As time chugs along, inventions and innovations abound. It seems like we've seen it all before, or there is very little that shocks us any more. With information so accessible across the globe, it's no wonder it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a way of making something that completely sets us apart from the crowd. However, just because it seems to be an impossible task, doesn't necessarily mean that no one has the ability to do it anyway. That's the case with the Craig Thibodeau, a man who has decades of experience with fine furniture wood making. After much trial and error, he now has a knack for creating greatly defining pieces of work.

One of his latest projects was a piece of fine furniture made for a client, that boasts a secret door that opens to reveal an optical illusion that gives you the sense of another deep hidden door. Equipped with magnetic openings and a special magnetic key that is built to blend into the design, popping open with a slight push of the hand, this piece is anything but boring. This table is all about hidden symbols, doors, and parts, leaving you to contemplate its creation for a long time. If you're curious to see what I'm talking about, go ahead and checkout the article featured on the 'Fine Wood Working' website where you will see some pictures and quotes from the creator himself. There's also a link on the page to see Craig giving a special tour of the piece in video format if you're interested to learn more. He calls it the 'Art Deco Table with Trompe L'oeil Interior' and it certainly does trick the eye!

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