If You See Your Pet Doing THIS, Call Your Vet Immediately!

Some times when our pets are hurt and need help they can't really show us in ways that we understand what might be going on with them. They obviously can't talk to us and tell us what is wrong, so they do other actions to try and get our attention. This post may look like a joke or like its supposed to be funny, but I assure you it's not funny. It's warning you about a serious condition your cat or dog could have if they happen to be pressing their head up against a wall or other hard surface. Not like the head butting they do affectionally, but consistent pressing of the head against a wall could be a sign of toxic poisoning, infection of the nervous system, or head trauma. Which can be deadly! So if your pet or any one else's pet is ever seen doing this and has never done it before, than it would be wise to take them to their vet just to check it out.

They could also have other symptoms like seizures and maybe be pacing around a lot, delayed reflexes or problems seeing properly that would indicate a deep issue. It is so important that we keep our pet away from toxic chemicals in the first place, but they are animals after all and tend to get into things that they are not supposed to at times.

Some times with an outdoor cat, you don't always know exactly where they have been or what they have been up to when they are out and about. Something could have fallen on their head causing head injuries that cause them to do this action. It is always best to get your animal friend checked out by the vet whenever they are acting unusual or like something might be wrong. It could save their life! Share this article with your friends and family too.

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