I Am So Glad I Learned About This... She Pours Baby Powder Onto Her Sweater

We're all prone to getting stains on our clothing, but oil stains have to be one of the hardest stains to remove. You'll be so glad you learned about this cleaning tip from The Krazy Coupon Lady teaching us how to remove stains from clothing with one simple ingredient. Next to red wine and grape juice, oil is up there with some of the most difficult stains. It usually happens by accident, you're mixing up a salad or baking something and you drip some oil on your favourite shirt or sweater. Usually, you'd think about throwing in the towel and just getting rid of the item of clothing because oil stains can be so persistent. Oil tends to set into the fibres of a material moistening them, making the area that's saturated in oil appear darker than the rest of the shirt. The stain isn't as easy to see as a red wine stain or a black marker stain, but it's one of those things that will just bug you knowing it's there. If you've already washed your oil stained shirt, this cleaning tip wont work since it needs to be used on fresh oil stains. So make sure to do this right away.

There are so many great tutorials on how to remove spots from clothes, everything from using club soda to baking soda, or even using citric acid. There are also stain removal products you can buy at the store, but why buy expensive products when you can use things you may already have at home? Some of the stain removal products have toxic chemicals in them too, which aren't great for our health or the environment so it's best to use natural cleaning solutions whenever possible. Good thing you can learn to remove spots with natural cleaning solutions like baby powder, something that is widely available in pretty much any place you go. Baby powder is made of talc or corn starch. Talc is a clay mineral found in soapstone, and is known also as talcum powder. You can find talc in other products like paint, plastic, rubber and cosmetics. Talc is considered safe, but it can be toxic if high amounts are inhaled into the lungs. If you don't have baby powder on hand, you could also try corn starch as a replacement for baby powder and see how that works.

All you have to do to is take your item of clotting and lay it out on a flat surface. Then, take a good amount of baby powder and sprinkle it on, making sure that it covers the entire stain. You can move the powder around a bit if you need to, and then let it sit overnight. What will happen as the powder sits on the oil stain is soak up all of the oil into the powder leaving you with a shirt that looks as good as new. Be sure to do this before washing the item so it doesn't have a chance to set into the fibres of the shirt. Brush off all the the baby powder into your sink or bath tub and see if the stain is removed, once the stain is removed, you can then wash your shirt as usual. Now you know how to remove spots of oil from your clothing, saving you money on new clothes or dry cleaning bills. Be sure to check out the other amazing natural cleaning solutions on The Krazy Coupon Lady's website. You can also find awesome deals and coupons for products and stores nationwide so sign up for their email updates and stay in the loop to save money.***

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