How to Make a Coffee Table from Wine Crates

What a charming coffee table! Adding a new piece of furniture in your home can be expensive. If you are DIY-er and are looking for a great coffee table idea that is not going to cost a lot, why not just make one? Purchasing a coffee table ready made from a store is likely going to cost your more than repurposing some old materials. Using wooden wine is a good idea as the building material. Not only do you get to own a new coffee table, but you have also helped Mother Nature because you are recycling.

The materials needed for this project include 4 wooden crates to build the foundation of your new coffee table. Recycled pallets are on the list you need along with the basics in woodworking like screws, a screwdriver, some caster wheels and your choice of a good stain or paint. If this is your first time to work with wood, you may think you will need some assistance from the experts. But don’t worry, because the instructions on how to build it on your own are easy and can do it all by yourself.

You simply have to paint or stain the crates with whatever color that you want. The measuring has to be precise on this one, so you must be careful working on that if you want to see a balanced and proportion look for your coffee table.

It is also up to you how you would want to style it. One of the benefits that you could get from using crates is that they will form little shelves for you to use for some of 'things'.

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