How To Clean That Stubborn Toilet Bowl Ring For .25 Cents

Keeping the toilet clean just got easier than ever before. In this great tutorial from Hometalk, you'll learn how to clean that stubborn toilet bowl ring for only 25 cents. So hold off on hiring any professional cleaners or buying a harsh chemical cleaner, and just try this toilet cleaning trick out. These days there are more natural cleaning products for the bathroom than ever. When only a decade ago, all you could really find at the store was toxic cleaners, now you can find just as many non toxic cleaning alternatives. We are also able to find alternative solutions for cleaning, using products we already have at home or affordable natural products you can find easily at any grocery store. For example, many people use vinegar or baking soda for their cleaning jobs around the home. Both of these natural cleaners work great on their own for removing tough, stuck on grime, and they also work to get rid of any horrible scents that may be prevalent. Plus, they are both things that we usually have around the house anyway, so it's no hardship to pull them out to put them to use. These two natural cleaners also work really good together when they are put to work on tough jobs like cleaning the inside of your oven or your drip pans.

Another item that is spectacular at cleaning is actually a well known beverage mix. Yes, you guessed it, Kool-Aid is actually an awesome home cleaning solution. You might have visions of the dyes in the drink crystals colouring your toilet a different colour or leaving behind worse stains than the stains already in your toilet, but rest assured, this won't happen. In this particular toilet cleaning tutorial, all you need is a packet of lemon Kool-Aid. Just open the package of Kool-Aid and dump the powder into the toilet bowl and let it sit for some time. Why Kool-Aid? Well, the citric acid turns out to be a great cleaning agent because the acids work to break down any built up residue and stains making it perfect for the toilet which is always prone to stains like this. To try and avoid getting hard to scrub stains in your toilet bowl, just make sure you're flushing your toilet frequently enough to keep the water from sitting too long, since that's when the hard water deposits begin to build up.

Once the Kool-Aid has sat for some time, all you do is flush the toilet and say good bye to those nasty toilet bowl stains. You may need to take your toilet brush and do a little scrubbing afterward if there are any stains left over, but usually the Kool-Aid should be enough to work it's magic. You can also use Kool-Aid in the same way to wash out your washing machine for laundry as well as your dishwashing machine. Just be sure to remove any clothing or dishes from the machines before you run the Kool-Aid through. Another note is, the citrus flavours of Kool-Aid will usually work better than the other flavours because they'll have more citric acid in them. Kool-Aid can also be used for diy ideas like dying fabrics or wood, making fun non toxic play doughs and even colouring glue to make cool window stickers. If you're family already loves Kool-Aid, you'll always be sure to have a constant supply, especially now that you know about this great cleaning tip. Enjoy this and other great cleaning tips from Hometalk. The website also features diy ideas, home renovation inspiration, home improvements and so much more.***

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