How to Build this AWESOME Reclaimed Wood Table

Seeing all of the reclaimed wood projects out there makes people want to do more DIY projects using recycled materials instead of buying new. If you are in need of a new table for your dining room, or kitchen, or even just a new desk or work space for your studio or office this Reclaimed Wood Table project from Instructables might just be the perfect solution for you. You can find wood to be repurposed from many different places, you can try first at your local hard ware store for any scraps or discounted pieces of wood and supplies they may have. Or a great option is to go to a salvage yard in your community or city and have a dig through to find your treasured pieces of wood for your project. Another great place to search for old wood is on sites like Craigslist or Kijiji , many people put up building supplies for next to nothing or even for free!

The author of this Instructable has a good tip for when you are building anything with reclaimed wood like on this project, it is crucial to get all of the nails or other hard ware out of the wood before you do anything else to it. Running into a metal nail or screw can not only mess up your equipment, but also potentially cause injury to you if your equipment gets caught up in one, so its best to use a metal finder to make sure you get them all out.

Once you have it all cleaned up you have some great wood to make an awesome table out of! The step by step instructions are very thorough and explain everything in a detailed manner to help you get the best table you can make all by yourself!

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