How to Build Beautiful Wood Deck Storage

Just as you need storage space inside your home for all the necessary items you need in day to day life, you also need storage for your back yard and deck. That's where this wood deck storage comes in to help you with your organization dilemmas. There are always extra things you need to store in the back yard, like hoses, gardening tools, games, paint, and other things you use outside. But what if you don't have a garage or a shed on your property and couldn't even fit one? Well that is why this deck storage comes in so handy. It also plays a double duty, because it serves as seating on your deck too! Isn't that awesome? So not only are you building yourself some extra storage, you also get some great extra seating in the process! Everyone could use a little more of that in their yards.

The ones you see in this post, you can get some inspiration from and decide how big or small you want and need yours to be. They can vary depending on how much storage or seating you need, so it's important to know how much storage and seating you'll be needing and how much space you have to fit it into. Most of the benches on this post look like they are built with typical 2 by 4s cut into the desired lengths, attached to a frame made to the measurements you need. Just think of all the stuff you could fit in a bench like that, like all of the candles you occasionally use on your patio but don't want to get wet in the rain. Or all of the kids toys that end up getting left all over the lawn.

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