How to Build a Simple Japanese Bridge for $20

I love do-it-yourself projects and enjoy visiting junk stores or scrap metal yards or thrift stores to find the next treasures. I get very excited when I think of a new project or find some perfect lumber where I can Build a Simple Japanese Bridge for $20 or make a backyard swing. Once, a demolition company called me to come and pick up a piano as someone had left it in the house that was going to be destroyed! It is amazing finds like that which make me the most eager to roll up my sleeves and make something.

Other projects I have made were salvaged wood pallets (used in shipping large items from overseas) and then thrown away after use. you can then get them free from the shipyard or sometimes auctioned off for as larger lot of them (think for flooring or something). The wooden pallets sanded down usually have an interesting petina that can be enhanced with a light oiling. If you don't oil wood it will warp. Bed frames, tables, doors and floors, stairs and even a fence can all be made from wooden pallets!

One of my favorite additions to the backyard involving wooden pallets was a little "bridge" that went over a small creek in the backyard. It was a peaceful yard and it needed something to enhance it with a little "zen" and also make weeding the last corner of the yard a little easier to get to. You are only limited by your imagination on what you can build and reuse! You can even use an old cable spool to make a rustic-chic backyard bench or a swing. You can add a sand garden or even a bit of rocks for a rock garden to complete your "zen backyard" makeover too. If you like this cute little bridge and want to make one yourself, the link at instructables will show you how to do so for around $20!

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