Hot Dog Bed

Now this is the perfect bed for a little pup! Especially a wiener dog! This little bed looks just like a hot dog bun with a smiling face on it and relish dripping over the sides. You can't help but think how cute your little guy would look in this bed. It seems like it would be cozy enough too, the dog in the photo sure seems to love it in the the warmth of the hot dog bun! The dog bed can be purchased for only $34 on Amazon's website and has a mat with removable washable cover! It has gotten many 5 star reviews and customers day that it is very soft and cozy for their canine friend and very easy to wash. Which is a good thing because we all know how smelly and dirty dogs can get!

I can just see any little dog loving this little sofa like bed. You could put it by the end of your bed so that they are close enough to you but you don't want them sleeping right with you in your own bed. They would be so happy just to be close to you! This could also be a great gift to a new small dog owner or one that needs a new bed. Your friend would probably think it was hilarious! I have heard, if you have a friend with a dog and never know what to get for them, buy something for their dog and they will love it and you forever! Since dogs are becoming more and more like babies or children to people its not surprising that people would love to receive gifts for their little family members! Go on and have a look at the photos on the 'Goods Home Design' web site to see more!

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