Horse of Different Colors

When my daughter came home from school last week with a section of her hair colored bright blue, I was admittedly a bit disappointed she didn't consult with me first and get permission. After seeing the look on my face, she explained that it was temporary, and would wash out naturally as it was just made from "kool-aid" and her friends did it at school. It was remarkable! That little package had enough colored dye to make a bright color pop in her hair. As "kool-aid" is meant to drink, I can imagine this would be safe to use to dye any hair, or fur for that matter, you could even use it to dye a dog green, a bunny purple and a horse any different color you choose.

As I decided to not punish my daughter, I sent her off to finish her chores before she went outside to play with the neighbor. A couple hours later, our Maltese puppy "Terry", came dashing inside, barking up a storm. As I spun around to see what was the matter with the dog, I saw he was a shocking BRIGHT PINK instead of his normal white. Giggles and laughter soon erupted in the kitchen as my daughter and her friend (who had a shocking stripe of purple in her hair, very similar to my daughters), ran around chasing the barking puppy. It was a sight to behold! Colors and laughter everywhere, I finally got the girls (and dog) settled down and sent the neighbor home. My husband came home shortly after and we all had a good laugh.

The color took a few washes to remove from both my daughter and the dog, with the dog slightly pinkish for a week or so, and the blue in my daughters hair, faded into a greenish blonde. I wouldn't just "dye" your pets coat, as they could have allergies or sensitivities, but I think this year for Halloween, I will let the family vote on a color to dye the dog. I assume it could work on any animal, provided you have enough color packages, and the fur is a light enough color. My family has blonde hair, and our dog was white, so that might have influenced the brightness of the results, and I imagine it wouldn't work on black hair or fur.

Nonetheless, it was a fun experiment and I think it was harmless to our puppy, as he seemed to enjoy the extra attention his bright pink coat got. If you want to see some more ideas about colored pets, and HORSES, feel free to check the link below to At Home with Elaine!

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