He Took A Knife To A Block Of Wood And Came Out With Something Great

It just goes to show that you don't need much to make something really cool. This article with great photos attached shows a man who took a small square piece of wood and made it into a ring! Yes! A ring! If you are super crafty you might want to try this after you see it. As you will see he basically just takes a knife and makes a hole in a smaller piece of wood and then just keeps sanding away the excess until it is a cute ring. It kind of reminds me of a hobbit ring or something!

It is so cool how people can make something with basically a scrap of wood and what a great gift to make for some one as well! The hand made ring has gotten a lot of attention on Imgur with over 15,000 views. If you are a wood worker and know you have some scraps of wood lying around, you can look at his photos and maybe try one out for yourself. All you need is the size of the ring for the person you are making it for. If you are a wood worker, there are always scraps of wood left over from projects and you can now put them to good use instead of throwing them away! Its sad to waste wood since that is the life of a tree that you are wasting and so many trees are clear cut for our use all the time. The man who made the cute little hobbit ring even shares the type of knife he uses and loves. So if you are keen on having the best tools this might be one to get. Follow the link in the description below to go to "Imgur" to check out this cool block of wood ring!

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