Handywoman Rubs Banana Peel All Over Her Leather Couch... When I Learned Why I Had to Try It!

When you think of non toxic cleaners, bananas don't usually come to mind. But the texture and the oils that you find in banana peels act as a mild abrasive and polish which works great at cleaning leather furniture. After you finish using the banana to polish the leather you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any remaining residue. You can also use a banana peel for other natural cleaning solutions to include dress shoes, leather jacket, and running shoes. The potassium in the bananas absorbs into the leather and helps diminish any scuff marks. Then wipe away any remaining residue and buff with a microfiber cloth for a glossy, looking-like-new sheen.This is just one of the natural cleaning solutions you will find on this list of 15 kinda weird ways to clean your house. The following are just some of the natural cleaners and natural cleaning solutions you will find on the list.

1. This natural cleaning solution uses orange peels to remove water stains from metal. It's as easy as putting the orange peels directly onto the stainless steel faucets and appliances. The citric acid along with the oils in the orange peels help to create a streak-free and pleasant smelling finish.

2. Another of the non toxic cleaners ideas is to freshen up the refrigerator with some coffee grounds. You can also pour coffee (stale coffee grounds also work) into a clean sock, then tie off the end, and toss into the fridge.

3. This natural cleaning solution is a non toxic way to make your car smell good. All it takes is some pineapple skins that are collected in a bag. Collect the scraps from one or more pineapples and then put them into a plastic bag. Then leave the plastic bag on the dashboard of the car, or another place that is exposed to lots of sun during the day. After a couple of weeks, the pineapple pieces in the bag will shrink and dry out, and your car will smell like a fresh fruit cocktail.

4. This natural cleaning solution is one of the simplest ideas. To get your tub clean cut a grapefruit in half and dip it in some salt then scrub the tub as you normally would. This will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

5. Another of the non toxic cleaners uses black tea to shine your windows. It's as easy as brewing up a batch of strong black tea by pouring about 8 ounces of boiling water into a bowl followed by three tea bags. Let the tea bags steep until the tea is completely cooled. Then, pour the tea into a spray bottle and get to work. The tannic acid in the black tea helps to dissolve dirt and grease.

6. Another natural cleaning solution for windows is using white vinegar. And a cleaning tip to avoid lint residue is to use newspaper instead of using paper towels or cloths. You will, however, want to avoid using newspapers for your window cleaning if you are sensitive to the inks found in the newspaper. Simply put some undiluted white vinegar in a spray bottle, or use equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

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