Handyman Puts Nail in Clothes Hanger... The Reason Why is So Genius And So Simple

Redecorating or moving into a new place anytime soon? This handyman puts a nail in a clothespin to show us one of his simple life hacks, turns out, it's genius and so simple. Have you ever had the urge to redecorate your home? It happens to us all, just sometimes more often than others. If you've been living in the same house for years, a great way to spruce up the interior is to change some things around as well as change up the decor. How much you want to change your decor is up to you, but there are so many simple things you can do, and the best part is they don't have to cost you a lot of money either. You can find all sorts of diy ideas online to liven up your home space. You can make your own wall art from a variety of recycled materials, or you can even reupholster your furniture if you're feeling really ambitious. There are picture and video tutorials from websites like Build.com and Hometalk that teach us exactly how to create some personalized home decor. The video tutorials are the best because you can follow them along every step of the way and check in to see if you're doing it right and rewind and pause as needed. There are also building plans available that help you make your own furniture which is pretty awesome.

Of course, if you're moving into a new place, you have an exciting blank canvas to work with, and you can incorporate a ton of diy ideas to decorate your abode. You can also shop at thrift stores to find things that you need which is another great way to recycle and save some money if things are tight. Once you have all of your home decor items gathered together and unpacked, it's time to get to work and hang everything up and place it where you want it. You will probably need to use a hammer and nails at some point, unless you just use thumbtacks to hang up pictures, but they tend to be less sturdy than nails hammered into a wall. If you're nervous about using a hammer and nails or you haven't used them before, just take your time and go slowly, you'll learn in no time. This is one of the simple life hacks from Build.com, teaching us how to use a clothespin to hammer a nail into the wall safely. Hammering a nail in can often result in hitting your finger instead of the nail which can hurt a lot. So this hack promises to make our lives easier by holding the nail in place with a clothespin while setting it into the wall.

Simply take the nail and clasp it into the end of the clothespin, set the nail where you want to hammer it into the wall, and start with a few deliberate swings of the hammer. Once the nail is set, which is after about 3 to 5 swings, you can nail it in the rest of the way making sure you leave about half of the nail sticking out to hang the picture on. Then, you're ready to put up your artwork and fill up those white, blank walls with your own personal touches. Try this awesome trick out the next time you need to hammer a nail into the wall or anything else; it's sure to save a bruised or broken finger or two. Enjoy other diy ideas and simple life hacks from Build.com's YouTube channel and make sure to subscribe, so you always get their latest videos and tutorials.***

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