Handyman Pours White Vinegar into Her His Washing Machine, This is Great!

Our washing machines see a lot of dirt and filth on a pretty regular basis, so what about cleaning your washing machine? This handyman pours white vinegar into a washing machine in this great tutorial from Build.com's YouTube channel showing us how to easily clean our washing machine. Cleaning washing machine with vinegar is a not only a great way to clean out all of the left over bacteria and germs from your machine, it's also an awesome way to deodorize your washing machine. If you've ever noticed a funky musty or mildewy smell coming from your washing machine, chances are there is bacteria growing in your machine drum. This happens after a while when the machine hasn't been cleaned properly and left to dry out completely. It's especially important for front loading washing machines to dry out completely by leaving the door open just a little bit so the water and moisture doesn't sit inside. You can also regularly wipe down your washing machine's door and the rubber piece on the inside of the machine to remove any accumulated moisture and bacteria.

So how often do we need to clean out our washing machines? It depends on how much you use it and what you're washing. If you're washing a lot of kitchen rags with food on them, the chances of bacteria building up could be greater, so you may want to do it more regularly in that case. If you're just washing clothes once a week, you shouldn't have to do it as much. When cleaning washing machine with vinegar, the vinegar works by going through a complete washing cycle just as your regular clothes would. Although, when you're doing this cleaning cycle, you don't put any clothes in so that the vinegar can work it's magic. Distilled vinegar is one of people's favourite natural cleaners and it's been used in households for hundreds of years for food preparation and cleaning purposes. Vinegar is made from fermented vegetables which produce acids as they ferment. These acids are very powerful when it comes to cleaning which is why they are included in so many natural cleaners and home cleaning tips.

For this tutorial, all you need is 3 cups of plain, white distilled vinegar. All you need to do is pour the 3 cups of vinegar into your soap dispenser as you would if you were doing a regular load of laundry, but be sure there are no clothes in the machine this time. You can set your washing machine on the hottest setting to really get rid of the bacteria, and let the machine do all of the work. It's so great that this cleaning method doesn't involve any hands on scrubbing whatsoever, and when the cycle is done all you need to do is let your machine air dry. You could do this once a month for regular maintenance or less often depending on how much you use your machine. This would be one of the cleaning tips you could use when you first move into a new place, just to freshen up the washing machine and remove any left over dirt. It's always best to use environmentally friendly laundry detergent as well as natural cleaners to clean your appliances. All of the cleaners found at the stores contain harmful chemicals that can negatively affect our planet earth, so it's best to use all natural, biodegradable cleaners as a replacement for chemicals. Most natural cleaners are actually really easily made at home too and even cost less than the commercial cleaning products you find at the store. Give this and other cleaning tips from Build.com a try in your own home and see how well they work for you.***

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