Giant Baseball Bat

So just how big is this Giant Baseball Bat? This man loved the giant baseball bat that Babe Ruth had held in a photo and wanted to make a huge baseball bat of his own. This is a giant 8-foot baseball bat that would take more than one person to carry. Ending up 8 feet long, he used 3D modelling software to create an outline of the bat in Autodesk, then cut out the materials he needed once he blueprinted the model in software. After that, it didn’t take long for him to start to feasibly create a large baseball bat.

Using CNC cutting, he cut out material from large pieces of wood. After dry fitting everything, he pinned the wood together so he could glue one-half of the bat with “Titebond glue”. After gluing each layer, he clamped them together using an air powered brad nailer, then let the whole thing dry overnight. After the glue was dry the next day, he began to sand it smooth. Using 60 grit sand paper on an orbital sander, it took about an hour for him to file and sand the bat smooth.

After sanding the bat, applying the finish will give it that nice sheen. Using a coat of miniwax pre-stain, it helped seal the some pores in the wood of the bat. Using sand paper, he hand sand the entire bat so that the second coat of wax could adhere better. After waxing the wood, and applying the finish, he lets it dry overnight to finally finish his huge baseball bat. Creating the project at “Tech Shop”, this man made a project that would surely intrigue many. Now he had finally created what he had wanted, it seemed like a fun woodworking project, which took a few days, and a few man hours. After all, what does one exactly need an 8-foot baseball bat for?

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