Get Excited For The Warm Weather Around The Corner With These Sunbathing Cuties

The warm weather months are coming and it is time to add some bright, colorful and fun decor your home to reflect on the various seasons. Cull "cold" winter décor by adding a few pieces that speak of sunshine, plants, sand and water. To get inspired, look at these darling animals getting ready for their own warm weather!

Some other great things to do to get pumped...Fill jars with flowers, sand and seashells. Add a book celebrating the world’s best beaches to the coffee table book or add a photograph to your walls. Even adding fresh flowers or tropical plant to your room brings life and energy your home, at the same time as purifiying the air and adding a soft fragrance. Plants and herbs can also be grown on a patio during the summer. Have fresh squeezed lemonade or all natural iced tea in the fridge and add the fresh mint you grow to teas (iced or hot) for delicious summer refreshments. Herbs are enjoyed on salads and fish and used as garnishes. You can even grow cherry tomatoes or peppers on your deck. Your home is the your most important space year round so make sure you live in a fabulous space and really enjoy life at your home. Even though you should aim to get your 10-15 minutes daily of sun to maintain necessary vitamin D levels, your indoors can be your sanctuary just as well as the outdoors. The sun is our vital source of vitamin D. As humans, we need sunlight — but it is needed to balance as we can't get too much exposure. You can prevent vitamin D deficiency by sun exposure as little as 10-15 minutes a day. The reason the summertime sun exposure is so vital is that there are very few foods in nature that contain vitamin D. Some foods fortified with vitamin d are: fish - like mackerel and salmon (try cod liver oil), beef liver, cheese and egg yolks and some dark green leafy vegetables.

If you want more summertime inspiration from the cutest creatures on earth, take a look at the link below from Viral Nova!

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