Fold-Out Micro Bar

Great pieces of furniture can be both small and highly functional. Take this fold out micro bar for instance. The space-saving design is unique and creative. It is highly versatile and can function in many different capacities. Joe Warren, the designer and entrepreneur, has brought us another innovative product. The QMB also known as the Quad Micro Bar is the winner of Core 77 Design Award for the Do It Yourself category, as the Best Design of 2013! Congratulations Joe!

The Quad Micro Bar table top at bar height allows a great place to stand and enjoy drinks with friends. Fold out any of the four seats and you have bar stools at your disposal. The fold out mini bar makes a great work station for a lap top computer or tablet. It can be used for small breakfast or eating bar. Joe has also designed the Quad Micro Bar Max for entrepreneurs and business owners to use at promotional events and trade shows. With the option of storing away half the table top, you have an instant pop up back wall for exhibits. It comes with a convenient travel case with wheels, making it simple and easy for you to get your exhibit, table and chairs to the show in one piece!

Made in the USA from furniture grade birch plywood, it's total weight is 52 pounds. There are absolutely no tools needed for set up or fold down, making seating on demand effortless. The seats have a weight bearing load of 250lbs, and the table top is capable of holding 300lbs. It is available in one of three colors. Black, white or natural. So whether you need an impromptu bar, seating on demand, a work station or an all in one exhibit, the QMB (Quad Micro Bar) is the perfect solution!

You can learn more about this funky fold out micro bar by visiting 'COROFLOT', Joe's official website 'QMB Options' by clicking on the link below.

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