Does Your Dog Really Miss You When You’re Gone?

Does your dog really miss you when you are gone? Because our dogs don't actually speak to us in words it is hard for us to know for certain. We learn more by their behavior. Scientists and researchers continue to study dogs and their brains and behavior and though they continue to learn more, they still can't say for certain if the excited barking, dancing and tail wagging upon our arrival comes from "Fido" missing us. I like to think that my dogs miss me. My basenji x lab literally dances when I or other members of my family arrive home. He prances and leaps and grins. I think he is excited to have his family, his litter, his pack, back with him.

A friend of mine who also happens to be my neighbor has a border collie. I can always tell when they have left Maggie at home. She whines and barks until they return. She lets it be known that she unhappy at this separation and does not settle until she has been reunited with her family.

My daughter's little dog Vinni lays and waits for her at the front door. He mopes around the house until she is back. Then he develops an amazing surge of energy, running in circles and wagging his tail with great enthusiasm.

Dogs like humans are capable of developing an emotional relationship. That means like us they have the capacity to love and to bond. It is because of that emotional relationship they want to be with us and act with great excitement when we return from our time away.

So whether our dogs actually miss us or not, is not entirely known. The continuing studies do provide some evidence to what we as dog owners "know", they do miss us just like we miss them. They don't dance and grin like that for just anyone! For more information on what scientist are learning about our furry best friends, visit 'BarkPost' or follow the link below.

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