DIY Spin Out Game For Dogs

If you have dogs, it's obvious that you need to give them plenty of exercise if you want them to stay happy and healthy. What some people sometimes forget about is that dogs also love mental stimulation. They're smart animals by nature, and as such, they love the opportunity to puzzle out a curiosity and learn about the world around them.

Fortunately, there's a toy for dogs that can entertain their natural curiosity for hours: the spin out game. The even better news is that you don't have to go out and spend the big bucks to get it; you can make it quite simply with just a few tools, some scrap wood, and some old water bottles. The way it works is that you fill the bottles with treats, and set them up to rotate, so that your dog can spin them. When your canine companion figures out that by spinning a bottle upside down, they can procure a tasty little treat for themselves, they'll work at it for hours.

The person who designed this simple toy soon noticed that local wildlife loved it as well. Birds were clever enough to figure it out quite soon, and raccoons took an interest as well. He's even set up a camera documenting the wildlife's reaction to the game and put the videos up on Youtube at

It's not surprising that the raccoons figured it out pretty quickly. They need to keep their wits about them in the wild, and their minds sharp. With a little ingenuity on your part, however, your dog can get that same opportunity - plus something to keep them occupied during the times that you're busy.

Have a look at the 'DIY Gift World' website below for full instructions on how to put together your own spin out game.

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