DIY Pretty Headboard Bench

Need a cute bench for your house or maybe even on your porch? Here is an awesome and fairly simple DIY Pretty Headboard Bench! Yes, you read right, this bench is totally made out of an old repurposed head board! How great is that? You could search thrift shops or Craigslist online, even garage and yard sales and find a really good deal on one of these headboards, maybe even get one for free! Now that would save you some serious money.

All you need to do is use both ends of the headboard and attach them as they show in the article, and then affix a nice piece of wood for the part where you would sit on. And, of course, paint it to your liking and add cushions or anything else that you would like to spruce it up a bit. There are so many great pieces of furniture out there that could totally be reused and repurposed instead of ending up at the land fill. A lot of the pieces are still in such great condition besides a couple of minor scrapes and scratches, nothing a little paint can't fix!

There are many other great projects featured on this great website called My {re} Purposed Life, you will have so much fun perusing them all and deciding which ones you want to do and what colours you will choose to paint them! Its so awesome to see people getting into the repurposing spirit and saving things that may have other wise just gone to the dump. Thrifting is a great way to be a little more eco-conscious, and it is an awesome way to express your creativity and feel super accomplished that you made a beautiful piece of furniture for your home!

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