DIY Idea: Make Your Own Portable Outdoor Kitchen

It's shaping up to be a beautiful Summer and with the season just rolling around the corner, guess what that means? You got it! BBQ season, outdoor patio fun, and many many family and friend gatherings! I love Summer time don't you? That sweet smell of backyard flowers in full bloom, the rich green and earthy smell of freshly cut lawn, and let's not forget, the smokey aromas that fill the air around a hot charcoal grill…oh so good!

I have just recently transitioned from being a home-renter to a home-owner. Yes, its a wonderful feeling, however, it does come with not only big responsibilities but all of a sudden I am starting to really understand the appeal of DIY projects. Hey, anything to cut the expenses of your newly acquired home…YES PLEASE!

You may have seen all those beautiful outdoor kitchens with a fancy counter top and powerful grills and ovens. Well, everyone would want such a thing for their home, but usually they come at a price; a very high price that is. Lucky for me, and you, the DIY community is a great resource, providing many many options and ideas about how to build an outdoor kitchen by yourself. And its not so hard - well it seems at least. And while not everyone will be thrilled to build a structure of stone and bricks, and there will be those who might even say the cost of building such a structure is simply not worth the hassle, for those who are eager and will, I may have found the perfect solution: DIY portable kitchen made out of wood. Much easier to build and as you can see from the photos, it has all of the options of a regular outdoor kitchen. Take a careful look over the list of necessary materials and follow the instructions from the link below. In a weekend’s spare time you will have your own working outdoor kitchen!

For the full recipe, visit the link below to the 'Good Home Design' website.

Learn MORE at Goods Home Design

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