DIY Build A Secret Door Bookcase

Multipurpose furniture is a necessity in today's world. With living space at a premium, function and form need to mesh with style and design. Interior designers are constantly coming up with ingenious ideas to maximize use and still be stylish. It can be something simple - like using a trunk as a coffee table, up to something more elaborate and "James Bond-esque" . Some of my favourite elements of design are hidden wine cellars under stairways or a hidden door to a room. When I was growing up we had a hidden doorway between my sister and I's room. Fond memories of endless nights of flashlights and pillow fights - long after we were supposed to be tucked in bed for the night in each other's bedrooms. Dual purpose additions to the construction of the house itself, is such a practical and intelligent concept for livability in today's ever-shrinking home space. Intelligent design includes usage of the earths powers sources too - like solar, wind and geothermal. Proper construction techniques are adapting and providing "smart homes" that can remotely heat and chill a place and even a fridge that can order milk if the household runs out.

Like any design, the surprise function and multipurpose aspect are a must have with any "big purchase item or renovation". Cost effective yet impact making additions are sought after by people all over the world. Some easy projects to maximize space that I actually used were using the "empty space" under the staircase to be a built in shelving system that was a library as we'll for the books. A normally wasted area of space became a useful area instantly. Another favourite space saver was the inclusion of a "hidden wall" from the living room into the study. A simple door was covered up in the same shelving unit and on it we secured a few boxed sets of books we liked, but they were sturdy enough to not fly off the shelf with the sway of the door opening and closing.

It's a showcase in our home even to this day as visitors marvel at the simplicity and impact it has on making a house a home. If you want to add some pizazz to your home I highly recommend instructables, as they always offer instructions for making some of the coolest additions to any home.

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